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Agawam Programming Team


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2001-2002 Competition
2001-2002 Questions
2001-2002 Competition

Seventeenth Annual Invitational
High School Programming Contest
Sponsered by Microsoft Corporation

The 2001-2002 Programming Team competition was held at Western New England College.  In total there were about 30 teams there, although some school districts had more then 1 team of 4 members. 
Kevin decided to bring our own getto looking keyboard to the competition because he was worried that they would have those ergonomic keyboards, but turns out they had cheap dell keyboards, so kevin put ours in a corner (we were the only team to bring our own).
First off we were brifed in an adituriam where a professor gave us our 7 problems and quickly explained what he wanted each to do.  After that we went to the computer room where everyone began as quickly as possible (some people even ran there).  Kevin decided to be the one tpying, while me and nate piged out on soda and danishes  ^_^.    within about 1 hour the winners finshed each of the 7 problems.  and we finished second after about 30 more minuets. 
The main reason they were so quick was they had every member doing something.  To start off at the briefing they had already begun to "soft code" or in other words they started to right down all the code on paper.  so by the time they actually got to the computer labs they had about 4 of the 7 done, and all they had to do was type it.
Nate and I would have done this,   but we did not know enough about C++ at the time to help (we knew vb6).
At the end of the 4 hour day, we came in second.  We were de-brifed and congradulated on the excelent job we did.  They also said that because this event was sponserd by Microsoft they would give the top three teams each copies of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Education Edition. 
And yes, when we returned to School we remembered that we left our getto keyboard in the corner of the computer lab,   This poor keyboard lie'ing upright on the wall, all by it'self.   I felt so bad.


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