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I am a big fan of Diablo 2.  This is a game published by Blizzard Entertainment which has won numerous awards.  This game was so popular that they released an expansion pack called Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction.  I personally play with the expansion pack.
For people that have never played Diablo 2 before-
It is a very easy game to get hocked on, and dispite what some reviewers have said, it is more then just a "Click here, Click there" type of game,  actually it requires a great amount of skill and a good imagination to really get the most out of it.  You start off by selecting a character which can be a Necromancer, Sorceress, Paliden, Barbarian, or Amazon (and if you have the x-pack you can also choose a Druid or Assassin).  Then you make a name, and your ready to play. I find choosing a good name to be the hardest part of the whole game.  Then you just start to attack monsters, get gold, find items, trade, attack more monsters, learn magical skills, increase your characters stats, kill more monsters, meet up with other players, trade some more, oh... and did i mention kill more monsters?  And hey, once you reach level 9 (the way the characters evolve is in terms of levels from 1 to 99) you can start to duel other players, but watch out, there are some good players out there <<<By the way, i would like to see the reviewer who said it is just a Click Click game try and duel a lvl 99 and just "Click Click">>>.
That's basically the whole game in the nutshell, but you really can never finish the game, Oh sure you can complete act 5 quest 6 (BAAL) in hell difficulty, but your never truly done, you can always search for new items, duel million's of players, and always make brand new characters.
If you are starting out, may i suggest several web sites. First off is the official website and another excelent site is
A few of my friends and I play on (B.Net) which is a free service for anyone who buys diablo 2 to play online with millions of people.  the only thing you need is internet access, but seeing how your reading this, you have nothing to worry about.
I have characters on both Us-West and Us-East.  I have been playing on Us-West ever since the game came out, but just recently i have moved to Us-East because this is where my friends are at.  On West i have 3 account names. {DT}~archmage    {D}~archmage    Demon_Archmage      .  On East i have {DT}~archmage     Demon_KoDemon     and       Demon_Archmage.
But note:  I only play diablo 2 Lord of Destruction.   It is just so much better then normal Diablo 2.  In fact, i was going to make a character to play with one of my other friends, but i just could not get past lvl 6,,, i just started to cry after i learned that i could not equip my mercinary, and the stash size is about 1/6 the size of the stash in the X-Pack.  
Please feel free to wisper me online.  Perhaps we can start to play together.

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