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Agawam Programming Team
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Agawam High School

This site will help explain what the programming team does. 

And more importantly, this site requires no previous programming knowledge.

Also please visit my Diablo 2 website at
Or my website made for a Computer Class   ^_^

-Team Members
     1) Kevin G
     2) Nate K
     3) Drew VM  (Webmaster)

The programming team is part of the Agawam High School (AHS) after school activities.  After the christmas vacation we begin to meet on Wednesdays after school in room 70 (Mr. McCaffrey).
In the AHS student guide they list us on page 54 which states:    "The Computer Programming Team is made up of students who have taken computer-programming courses and would like to compete against other area schools in a competition using Pascal or Basic.  Local competitions are held in March at various colleges in New England and New Yrok.  The winners of each competition are then invited to the northeast championships held in May."
This is not entirely true.  If you have any programming experienc whether it be from school or self taught, that's good enough.  It also says "using Pascal or Basic"  but at the competition the available programming languages are Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, Turbo C, C++, and QBasic
Sadly enough though, our school as of right now only offers VB6, which i was very disapointed at.
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